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Picture Gallery

Orli Orli Orli united, Orli Orli Orli united....................

Some pictures below, click on them to enlarge it.  My favourite is the one from the Two Towers with Orli off-camera with his silver tunic!  Sorry there isn't many pictures but it is just SO hard to do them on tripod in actually facts it's a nightmare!  I could rant on for hours about it but i'm sure you'd rather look at Orlando!!


From the Two Towers: Frodo
Frodo looking rugged!!
Can't wait till December!!

Click on all the pictures below to see an
ENLARGED version...extra yummy!!!

Favorite Stuff

A few wee facts about me

Favourite TV Shows: South Park, Simpsons, older Buffy, Gerry Anderson stuff, Spaced oh and the classic Neighbours!
Favourite Movies: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, the Princess Bride, Matrix, Night of the Living Dead, The War of the Worlds, Nightmare before Christmas!
Favourite bands/artists: Doves, Beck, Radiohead, Flaming Lips, the Darkness, Sugacult, Muse, Super Furries, My Vitriol, Grandaddy, Beatles, the Libertines, Blur, Oasis, Feeder, Ash, Foo Fighters, Me first and the Gimme Gimmes, Meu.....amongst many more!
Favourite Books: Lord of the Rings, If nobody speaks of remarkable things by jon mcgregor and prozac nation (hopefully the nearest i will ever get to depression, worth a read for the insights) also A Bright Red Scream, Cut and I'm just checking: Scenes from the life of an obsessive-compulsive.
Favourite Sports Team: don't really have one mainly get behind England, but if people pushed me into saying, Saints all the way for rugby and Cobblers/Hamilton Academical and Liverpool for football.
Favourite Food: Pasta
Favourite drink: Oh there are so many, always the classic archers and lemonade and blue WKD! also carling and black!

Favorite Quotes