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Nearly at the end of my first year at Lancaster Uni, here are some visual highlights!

At ash gig

Looking her usual demented self

Jess on my bed
ill or pissed - i'll leave the decision upto you

At ahem.....justin
see you at reading!

on the way to ash gig in boobs car
kick that rabbit habit

Some highlights so far include Halloween, Beck (who I was mightly impressed with), Ash, Justins body, Thursdays at the Sugarhouse, and of course old Dyson girl!  Breaking into Bowland tower and getting to the top floor, numerous lesbian experiences with Jess in school uniform, roof running, carpet burns.  
How would we have got through it all without the ever presense of 'snagged one' the 'rabbit habit' 'nuff said' and the old 'i'll do what i want' with the appropraite hand movements!  Also better mention f ing GAY BLOODY BAR that song marrs the soul of my existense but at the same time is rather funy, also suppose disney songs should get a mention....and also drop the bomb!! word up.

Dingles last night!
everyone laughs at change there then

I have only one thing to say......battered sausage